The "official movement to recall Whitmer" is underway and can be found at The homepage states the following:


In 2012, Gretchen Whitmer declared that Michigan is run by "the people," yet her actions in 2020 prove otherwise. Her record is an embarrassment to Michigan and America. Bypassing the state legislature. Issuing over 160 executive orders. Sending COVID-19 patients to nursing homes. Withholding medical data. Threatening small businesses with fines, legal action, and other thuggish methods. Many small businesses had to close permanently because of irreversible financial repercussions. Continuing to keep the state shut down in the name of "science and data" while other states have either remained open or are well on their way to recovery. Michigan deserves better and we will bring the nonsense of a highly incapable, hypocritical, and negligent governor to an end!


The Recall Whitmer Movement is a grassroots campaign organized by Guarding Against Government Excess. With volunteers in every county, we are united in seeking to uphold the rights and best interests of Michigan citizens. We strive to ensure that the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The site is well organized and offer FAQs, including:

What if multiple petitions are submitted for approval?

This is fine. Multiple petitions can be circulated for the same purpose of recalling Whitmer. At this time we have the only approved petition. If anyone asks you to sign a recall Whitmer petition at this time, it is NOT A VALID RECALL PETITION. If another group ends up getting recall language approved and begins to circulate, please be sure to ASK specifically which group they are with. It is okay to sign two DIFFERENT recall petitions; you just cannot sign the same petition twice. Our organization is called “Guarding Against Government Excess.” Whenever you sign any petition please be sure you know exactly what you are signing.

If you are a registered Michigan voter, and unhappy with the state of affairs in Michigan, visit

We will follow recalls in other states as well and post them here.   back...