The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) reminds hunters that the deadline to submit applications for limited-entry permit-tag seasons is right around the corner.

AZGFD will accept applications until 5 p.m. (Arizona time) Tuesday, Aug. 8. To apply, visit

These big game hunting opportunities give hunters a chance to draw an additional elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, and Gould’s turkey permit-tag, while generating revenue to support wildlife conservation efforts across the state.

Grants available for development of new hunters, anglers

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is accepting applications for $75,000 in annual grant funding for local sportsmen’s organizations to provide public, mentored projects that are focused on the progressive development of new hunters and anglers.

The Local Sportsmen’s Group grant program places a high priority on projects that involve the pursuit or harvest of fish or wildlife with a valid license (and any necessary hunt permit-tag) and are geared toward participants who have the appropriate experience and skill levels relevant to a particular project.

Jul 31, 2023 | All Day

Have you ever wanted to try hunting or harvest your own food? The Outdoor Skills Network is your one-stop resource for events offered by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and a network of partners that conduct hands-on events to teach you the basics about hunting, fishing, trapping, safety, wildlife and other outdoor skills.

Interested, but not ready to go hunting yet? Don’t worry, we still want you to come on out and see what the outdoor experience and wildlife conservation is all about. Hunting is just one portion of these events. Many of these camps are also open to people wishing to learn more about wildlife biology, ecology and their habitats, target shooting, archery, wildlife viewing, camping, social gatherings and more.   more...
PRESCOTT, Ariz. – Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) wildlife officers have concluded their operations after a group of four mountain lions in a northwest Prescott neighborhood posed a public threat to the community.

The mountain lions had been in the community over the past few weeks and reportedly killed several pets. The fact that they continued to be seen in proximity to homes and people, appeared to be less fearful of people, and had recently been observed exhibiting aggressive or unacceptable behavior toward people, categorized them as a public safety threat.

Partners in Mexican wolf conservation are pleased to announce the successful fostering of 16 genetically valuable Mexican wolf pups this spring. The pups traveled from four captive facilities across the country and were placed into six wild dens in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico. This is the eighth year of fostering into the wild population of Mexican wolves, bringing the total number of fostered captive-born pups to 99.

PHOENIX – The Payson Ranger District campgrounds are now open except for the Upper Tonto Creek Campground which will most likely remain closed for the season due to heavy maintenance concerns. The recreation staff on the Payson Ranger District have been working hard over the winter to convert the campgrounds from concession operated to Forest Service operated. Please note some important changes. None of the campgrounds will accept cash or check payments, and none of the campgrounds will sell firewood. A fee machine can be found at six locations and Scan & Pay is also available at two locations for payment. Recreation sites accepting Scan & Pay and/or fee machine payments:

Lower Tonto Creek Campground: Scan & Pay, No fee machine
Ponderosa Campground: Scan & Pay and fee machine
Houston Mesa Campground: Fee machine, No Scan & Pay
Christopher Creek Campground: Fee machine, No Scan & Pay
Sharp Creek Campground: Fee machine, No Scan & Pay
1st, 2nd, 3rd Crossing & Waterwheel: Fee machine located a few miles before recreation sites on Houston Mesa Road or can be purchased from vendors in town.
Payson Ranger Station: Fee machine, No Scan & Pay

The Scan & Pay option is available through the app. Be advised, visitors should download and login into their account before heading to the forest. Directions for using the Scan & Pay option are available online. Scan & Pay is the only option for fee payment at the Lower Tonto Creek Campground.

For the latest news and information about the Tonto National Forest, follow along on Facebook @TontoNationalForest or Twitter @TontoForest.   more...