Looking for a florist?

Perhaps you're not sure whom you should use when the need arises to send flowers for that special occasion.

After receiving several warnings and complaints about JustFlowers.com, an online florist company, we decided to put them to the test. A call was made to their 800 number by a member of our staff while also perusing their online site. A female voice offered assistance. Our staff member then suggested that the site offered a number of choices and it would perhaps be best to find the preferred choice and then call back with the selection. The JustFlowers.com representative stated she would wait.

After a short time passed, a $250.00 order was placed the morning previous to the day the flowers were requested for a funeral. Our staff member was informed that there was no guarantee the flowers would arrive in time for the service, however, for an additional $4.99 charge the delivery would be guaranteed to arrive in time. There was no further discussion about additional costs.

A short time later, an email was received that the ordered arrangement was unavailable and a substitute would be sent in its place.

The arrangement which arrived at the church was found to be a poor substitute for the beautiful array of flowers displayed on JustFlowers' website. There was also an additional $39.00 charged to the card provided to the company, including another charge for the use of a customer service person.

When an inquiry was made, we were told the additional charges were on the site. If indeed there were additional charges, perhaps they were listed on another page.

Calls and emails were answered with "thank you for your order" and the offer of a 5% discount on the next placed order. After "unsubscribing" to the site too many times to count, THIS COMPANY CONTINUES ITS RELENTLESS BARRAGE of emails, which continue to arrive in the spam box.

We then posted a review on the website warning others of this company's apparent unethical business practices. Our review has never been posted on their site.

As a consumer, you are free to make your own choices when you purchase products. However, we strongly recommend a pass when it comes to JustFlowers.com. UPDATE: Although we have unsubscribed from spam emails on numerous (1,477 as of today) occasions, they continue to inundate us with unwanted emails. We highly recommend you find another florist!! UPDATE - A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission on this company. Apparently, thousands have been taken by this website. We highly recommend you AVOID the Just flowers Website!   back...