Bartlett Lake on Thursday was 97-percent full, having risen about 10 feet during the past week. SRP on Thursday afternoon was releasing 4,200 cfs out of Horseshoe Dam.

Roosevelt Lake was up to 56-percent full and has risen 17 feet during the past month.

Percent Full as of March 12, 2019
Roosevelt Lake (Roosevelt Dam) 58
Apache Lake (Horse Mesa Dam) 98
Canyon Lake (Mormon Flat Dam) 92
Saguaro Lake (Stewart Mountain Dam) 95

Anglers are reminded to be careful when crossing low-lying areas and washes.

Winter Fishing Forecast:

Roosevelt Lake – Rating: HOT

Lake temperatures will be warming up from mid 50s in March to low 70s in May. Typically largemouth bass spawning is cued when temperatures reach 60 to 70 degrees. Above-average winter precipitation and snow pack means higher water levels as we get farther into summer. Water levels in early March were around 2,110 feet (58% ) and steadily increasing. See water levels from SRP at The latest prediction is that if we continue to get normal precipitation, the lake could rise to 72 percent.

Look for spawning crappie to be spread out over submerged trees as opposed to artificial habitat. The full moon phases should add to the spawning process for crappie and bass. At times, many fish can be seen in less than 5 feet of water. AZGFD recently stocked around 10,000 3-inch black crappie that hopefully will grow to a catchable size by fall.

Bass spawn in three phases: pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn. Bass in a pre-spawn or post-spawn phase and can generally be caught in 15-30 foot depths on reaction baits, artificial worms, jigs and crawdad baits.

Use our artificial habitat map with G.P.S. points of underwater habitat to possibly target other congregated fish. With increased water levels, fish should have plenty of habitat thanks to all the hard work by all our partners and volunteers on fish habitat improvement sites.

Fish tend to be most active during the 90-minute windows surrounding the sun and moon rise and fall. When the moon is at full or new moon stage, the effect is stronger. There are many apps that you can use that display this information for you. As fishermen know, severe weather changes have an impact on the way fish feed. If a cold front is approaching the fish tend to move deeper into the water and lay low. Barometric pressure is a good indicator. If it changes quickly the fish tend to be less likely to show interest in your bait. If the change is gradual the fish will respond favorably.

For largemouth bass, as the weather warms, shift from slowly working plastics in deeper water to crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and top-water lures for bass. When in doubt throw a live worm on the bottom and see what bites!

It’s expected to be a decent year for crappie and we anticipate fishing to be good. Try heading towards the Salt River arm and fishing around the submerged trees or around the newly placed habitat. Fishing for channel catfish and flathead catfish should be excellent this spring and throughout the summer. The best place to fish for trophy-size flathead is the Salt River arm and along the north side of the lake near the Salt River arm.   back...