ROOSEVELT LAKE — (2,125 feet, 69-percent full).

June 2 report from Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods:

Bass fishing on Roosevelt Lake is good. As bass transition to a summer pattern, anglers are using drop-shot, Texas-Rig and Carolina-Rig techniques. Artificial baits such as worms, lizards, crawdads were all recently reported successful by experienced anglers. The water condition has improved dramatically and is now clear down to 15 foot. The more stable June temperatures will steadily increase the lake water temperature. Anglers who enjoy night-time fishing are anticipating the upcoming full moon to launch an hour before sunset and fish “after-dark.”

Crappie anglers reported fair fishing conditions recently on Roosevelt Lake. Crappie anglers are using a vertical fishing technique for crappie and fishing in 15-20 foot depths. June is always an excellent month for crappie fishing. Crappie prefer the warmer and more stable weather and congregate into large schools at this time of year. A small 1/16th oz. jig-head hook with a grub tail is a favorite choice of local crappie anglers.

The AZGFD has requested that all bass fishing tournaments on the Salt River lakes other than Roosevelt Lake be suspended for the next couple of months due to the golden algae growth. The algae is so thick in some areas of Apache Lake that anglers referred to it as “pea soup”. Specifically, golden algae is deadly to aquatic species and fish will avoid it whenever possible. However, when tournaments release bass into the lake near areas of golden algae growth, they can not escape.

Warmer temperature and slow moving water will create algae growth in Arizona lakes, this year the algae growth has been more widespread than the past several years. The recent increased flows out of Roosevelt Lake will help move more water the down river which aids in dispersing the algae. Local tournament directors understand the need for this conservation measure and are rescheduling events or moving them to Roosevelt Lake.

More fishing activity takes place on the central lakes than in any other area of the state. They are also the closest waters to the largest population center in the state. These waters provide the best largemouth bass, crappie and catfishing in the state. Lakes Pleasant and Roosevelt are best for largemouth bass and crappie, while Roosevelt and Bartlett are best for catfish. One of the most overlooked fishing experiences in this area is trout fishing the Salt River below Saguaro Lake. Take advantage of this year-round trout fishery in the summer when the air temperatures are 100° F and the water is 65° F.   back...