Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL), Lead Republican of the House Armed Services Committee, released the following statement on reports the Biden administration is close to reviving a nuclear deal with Iran that would provide Iran with billions in sanctions relief.

“Iran’s attempts to assassinate American officials and dissidents on American soil should immediately disqualify them from any sanctions relief from the United States. Just last week, terrorists backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps attacked a base housing U.S. troops in Syria. Yet, the Biden administration is working overtime to broker a deal that will provide billions of dollars to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Providing Iran with the money they need to advance towards a nuclear weapon, expand its terrorist network, and aid Vladimir Putin at the same time, is a mistake that will cost lives.

“Iran repeatedly violated the last nuclear deal, and they will violate this one as well. The Biden administration needs to be clear eyed on Iran’s real ambitions. Iran does not want to be accepted into the international community – they want to build a nuclear arsenal capable of killing every American and wiping Israel off the map.

“Let me make this clear, this deal with Iran will be dead on arrival in a Republican controlled Congress and Congress will strengthen sanctions against Iran. Any assurances to the contrary that the Biden administration gives to Mullahs in Tehran is worth less than the paper it’s written on.”   back...