FLORENCE, AZ – Pinal County and Arizona Public Service (APS) have unveiled the first electric vehicle charging stations on County property, as part of the ‘Take Charge AZ’ pilot program, designed to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability initiatives in Arizona.

The four charging stations are located on the Pinal County Justice Complex property in Florence and are free to use for both the public and Pinal County Employees. In addition, APS has installed solar power structures providing covered parking for more than 300 vehicles as part of the “APS Solar Communities” Program.

Pinal County is the first recipient of the electric vehicle stations through the APS program. Both these and the solar structures were installed at no expense to the county, with the only costs incurred being a small networking fee to allow users to monitor their vehicle charge via an App.

“As a county, we are always striving to increase our sustainability efforts, so we are delighted to be able to offer these new electric vehicle stations and solar parking structures to both the public and our county employees,” commented County Manager Louis Andersen. “We are grateful to have partnered with APS on this innovative project and we look forward to future opportunities to work together on green initiatives in Pinal County.”

“We have more than 80 active applications statewide for the APS Take Charge AZ program, and Pinal County was the first partner to break ground. This program empowers people to drive electric and encourages them to charge their cars when the sun is shining bright and solar energy is abundant,” said Marc Romito, Director of APS Customer Technology. “It’s good for the environment as well as customers’ budgets and peace of mind. Providing a solution that helps customers like Pinal County achieve their sustainability goals aligns with our commitment to a clean energy future in Arizona.”

The chargers are available now and can be utilized during APS’s off-peak hours (weekends and between 8 p.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Friday).   back...