“Let’s Be Civil – Promoting Positive Communication” is the theme for the 31st Annual Pinal County Town Hall, Thursday October 18th. Approximately 200 delegates are expected to attend the informative sessions being held at Robson Ranch located at 5750 N. Robson Blvd., Eloy, Arizona.

Pinal County Town Hall’s primary sponsor each year is the Pinal County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Anthony Smith, Dist. 4, represents the Board on the Pinal County Town Hall Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from throughout Pinal County who meet monthly to work out details for the event. During this year’s Town Hall, attendees will hear from large and small business owners, a mayor, and a Pinal County supervisor on how a disgruntled citizen may be calmed (maybe!). We will also hear from an American Airlines’ government liaison who has lots of interesting stories to share!

The overall goal of the sessions, according to Town Hall Director, Maxine Brown, is “to equip citizens with information and knowledge to understand how to remain calm when discord abounds and be able to turn the conversation in a positive direction. Although this cannot always be achieved, our presenters believe that with planning, understanding, and policy we can often end a conversation on a positive note. The Town Hall wants its delegates to be involved in learning how to remove the stress from every day conversations at work, at home, in person, and on social media. Pinal County Town Hall believes delegates, both adult and youth attendees, will be able to return to their community with a better understanding of issues related to civil discourse and with information that may be shared with others.

Pinal County Town Hall’s Wayne G. Gerken Youth Scholarship will be awarded during the event. Town Hall offers students the opportunity to attend the event and participate in a round-table discussion to apply for the scholarship. Town Hall Advisory Committee Vice-Chair, Donna McBride in discussing the youth component of the program, stated: “Town Hall has provided a venue for young people to come together with local leaders. Helping them learn about important topics such as civility will help create the next generation of leaders.”

Pinal County Town Hall Advisory Committee Chair, Sandie Smith, explained: “I have attended all 30 Town Halls. These events have been instrumental in bringing together diversified interests to focus on timely, relevant issues vital to Pinal County and its citizens. The networking and friendships formed at these Town Halls are invaluable for forming alliances that will help ensure Pinal County is a place where we can live, work, and play.”   back...