FLORENCE, AZ -- Good news for taxpayers in Pinal County as the Board of Supervisors adopted a lower tax rate for FY 2018-2019.

The new property tax rate -- $3.83 is nearly four cents lower than last year’s $3.86.9. Pinal County joins four other Arizona counties to offer their taxpayers a break this fiscal year.

“This is a target for us in our Strategic Plan,” stated Chairman Todd House. “I would like to see it go even lower next year and the following year.”

For taxpayers in Maricopa Unified School District Number 20, there will be a change in their tax bills due to an Arizona Legislature change in school desegregation funding for selected districts. Senate Bill 1529 shifted responsibility from the state to certain local school districts, including the Maricopa Unified School District in the form of a secondary property tax added to a homeowner's tax bill. This increase will appear on your next property tax bill. This change does not affect any other taxing jurisdiction in Pinal County.

“I’m disappointed,” District 4 Supervisor Anthony Smith said, “that the state in their effort to balance their budget imposed a new tax on me and tens of thousands of my fellow citizens of my community without a vote of the people.”

For a further understanding of your tax bill, please point your browser over to: http://www.pinalcountyaz.gov/Treasurer/Documents/UnderstandingYourTaxBill.pdf

Pinal County Tax Facts:

· On average, the FY 2018-2019 Pinal County portion of the tax levy is roughly 26 cents of your tax dollar. This is down from 31 cents in FY 2010-2011.
· The maximum tax rate Pinal County could have is $6.099. The County’s tax rate is $2.269 below the maximum.
· Pinal County has the lowest income per capita in the state – 45 percent lower than the state as a whole.
· Pinal County has the 3rd highest primary property tax rate in the state at $3.83.
· Pinal County has the 4th highest combined property tax rate in the state at $4.0958.
· Pinal County’s primary property tax levy per capita at $211, which is $21 or 11 percent higher than the state average.   back...