WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today issued this statement.

“Placing North Korea back on the State Sponsor of Terrorism list is justified due to their behavior. It is another strong signal, to both North Korea and the region, that the Trump Administration has changed the game when it comes to dealing with this rogue regime.

“I appreciate President Trump’s willingness to use all available economic and diplomatic tools to deal with the North Korean missile and nuclear threat. It is clear to me that President Trump wants to avoid a military conflict with North Korea. He’s shown he is more than willing to work with regional partners to solve this national security threat to the American homeland.

“It’s equally clear that if economic and diplomatic pressure fails, President Trump would use military force – as a last resort – to protect the American homeland from the North Korean nuclear threat. Given North Korea’s behavior, we are running out of time on the economic and diplomatic fronts.”   back...
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