The FBI Las Vegas, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and Clark County are announcing that personal effects from all areas of the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert venue site in Las Vegas are now available for distribution to those who lost belongings at the 1 October incident.

Today, personal effects recovered from Areas A, B, C, D, E and F of the venue have been cleared for release and are available at the Family Assistance Center located in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road. The center, which is best accessed off Sierra Vista Drive by Swenson Street, is a safe haven and resource center for anyone who was at the concert or was affected by the shooting incident. The center is not open to the media. On-site services available include crisis counseling, spiritual care, travel and transportation, lodging, legal services, on-site child care, health care assistance, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles services, and other help. Anyone who has questions about available services can call (702) 455-AIDE (2433) or 1-833-299-AIDE (2433).

The process of releasing personal effects to people who lost belongings at the concert venue is being managed by the FBI's Victim Services Division. An online questionnaire is available on the FBI's website for concert attendees to fill out to describe personal belongings left behind. The questionnaire is located at via the FBI's resource site for Victim Assistance Services. People can also email inquiries to the FBI's Victim Services Division at

As areas of the concert venue have been cleared for release by crime scene investigators, personal effects have been transported to the Family Assistance Center and made available to be reclaimed by owners. The FBI has created a detailed venue map to manage the scene and property distribution process according to sections listed on the map. Personal effects from Areas A, B, C, D, E and F on the map are now available for retrieval at the Family Assistance Center between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily. The map is posted at on the FBI's resource site for Victim Assistance Services. (See information entitled "Assistance for Victims of the Harvest Music Festival Shooting in Las Vegas.") The map is also posted on Clark County's website at and Metro's website at Clark County Television worked with the FBI to create an instructional video to help illustrate the process. The video also is posted on Clark County's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages @ClarkCountyNV.

As items have been cataloged and transported from other areas of the venue, updates have been shared widely with news media and on social media sites using the handles @ClarkCountyNV, @LVMPD and @FBILasVegas​ and with the hashtags #1october and #VegasStrong. If someone is unclear about where on the concert grounds their possessions may have been lost, he or she may now wish to visit the Family Assistance Center if you are in Las Vegas. Others can go to to the FBI's website to fill out the online questionnaire to describe the personal belongings left behind so personnel from the agency's Victim Services Division can follow up with you. The return of cell phones, driver's licenses and other forms of ID is a immediate priority for the agency. If you lost a cell phone, the FBI wants you to text message your name and a contact number to your cell phone. The FBI is powering up the phones and will call owners back to make arrangements to return phones.

The FBI Victim Services Division has been working to catalog and recover thousands of items left behind at the concert site. The items include purses, cell phones, clothing and other belongings. Upon arrival at the Family Assistance Center, visitors seeking their personal effects are checked in and partnered with a victim advocate who escorts them through the process. Visitors will be asked to describe the item or items they hope to recover, and if possible, the general area in the venue where it may have been left. An FBI Victim Specialist will then check inventory that has arrived from the festival venue at the Family Assistance Center and return the property if found.

Please Note: No photos or video of personal effects brought from the venue to the Family Assistance Center will be released by Clark County or the FBI to respect the privacy of visitors and to make every effort possible to return property to its rightful owner. Photos of many unclaimed items will be available on the FBI's website at some time in the future.   back...
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