ROOSEVELT LAKE — (2,126 feet, 71-percent full). Water temperatures high-60s to low-70s during afternoons.

May 18 report from Jim Goughnour of Rim Country Custom Rods:

Fishing conditions are improving as the water is starting to flow out of Roosevelt Lake. Water is slowly being released for now, however, the rates will increase as the downstream demand grows for summer usage. The impact on the fishing has been that the algae in Roosevelt Lake mostly dissipated. Bass fishing conditions are being called good by local experienced anglers. The water temperature is in the mid 70s and the water clarity is slightly stained.

The recent full moon brought another wave of bass onto the spawning flats while others are transitioning into a post-spawn phase of aggressive feeding to rebuild their strength. Reaction baits such as crankbaits, jerk-baits, spinner-baits were all reported successful. As the ambient temperature becomes higher than the water temperature, top water baits become more effective. Buzz-baits, Rico’s and frog baits would be worth a try during late May. In the late spring early summer, top water baits are most effective during the early morning before the sunlight hits the water. For the finesse anglers, Senkos, Roboworms, jigs and craw-dad baits were are all reported successful for catching good quantities of fish.

Crappie anglers reported poor to fair fishing recently on Roosevelt Lake. Anglers are searching for large schools but most are reporting finding smaller groups and some are reporting finding no crappie. Crappie prefer stable and warmer water temperature so perhaps the mild spring is keeping crappie in deeper water after the spawn than normal. As the summer temperatures increase and the wind becomes calm, crappie fishing will get hotter.

Have a great week of fishing and I hope to see you on the water.   back...
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