Sadie Jo Bingham, Gila County Recorder and her staff will be mailing out Election Notices the first week of May to all registered voters in Gila County regarding the upcoming 2018 Elections.
If you are not registered with one of the major political parties (otherwise known as Independent voters or Party Not Designated voters) you can choose ONE political party ballot to vote for in the Primary Election. You can choose from; Democrat, Green, Republican or City/Town Only (if you reside within the City/Town) ballot. This notice must be returned to the Gila County Recorder’s Office no later than July 25, 2018. Selecting a political party ballot will NOT change your voter registration to the political party ballot you requested. You will remain a Party Not Designated (PND) or Independent registered voter.
If you are registered with a recognized party (Democrat, Green or Republican) this notice is to inform you of when your ballot for the Primary and General Elections will be mailed and/or to change any information. If your information has changed please complete the registration area on the notice and mail back to the Recorder’s Office or contact the Gila County Recorder’s Office at 928-402-8740 or 800-291-4452 to receive a new voter registration form.
Please contact the Gila County Recorder’s Office at 928-402-8740 or 800-291-4452 with any questions.   back...
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