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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is an innovative, transformative organization providing engineering solutions to customers worldwide. Our 32,000 employees—primarily civilian—are delivering positive impacts for today and tomorrow.

Working at the Corps as a civilian employee means making a direct contribution to war fighters and their families, supporting overseas contingency operations, developing technology and systems that save the lives of soldiers and civilians, providing disaster relief, and protecting and enhancing the environment and the national economy.

It’s an exciting time to work for the Corps. We offer challenging professional, technical and administrative assignments in the U.S. and abroad—each building on a strong tradition of public service extending back more than 200 years.

The Corps also offers education reimbursement, certificate programs, professional and leadership development as well as mentoring programs. We support and nurture the growth of our employees and provide the tools to ensure superior performance in all our missions. At the Corps, your opportunities are limitless.

Sample Civilian Occupations
0025, Park Ranger
0401, Biologists
0401, Natural Resources Specialists
0802, Engineering Technician
0808, Architects
0809, Construction Control Technician/Representatives
0810, Civil Engineers
0817, Survey Technician
0819, Environmental Engineers
0830, Mechanical Engineers
0850, Electrical Engineers
1102, Contracting Specialist
1170, Realty Specialists
5426, Lock and Dam Operators

Sample Salary Ranges*:

GS-5: $31,944 - $41,530
GS-7: $39,570 - $51,437
GS-9: $48,403 - $62,920
GS-11: $58,562 - $76,131
GS-12: $70,192 - $91,255
GS-13: $83,468 - $108,507

*Note: Above salary ranges are based on the 2015 General Schedule salary table for the "Rest of U.S." Actual amounts will vary by locality pay area which can be found at:   back...
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